August 2009 - Bruce and Ana Tere advance our work in Bolivia
Bruce team with moms and kids
Fr. Obermaier shows where to site next school
Welcome back from H1N1 break
Before a meeting with 30 parents
Wild driver is best known Bolivia charity figure
Of 35 students 6 still out with H1N1

January 2009 - La Paz, 'El Alto'
Our first two clases, 12 Jan. through 6 March, 2009
Escuela Nestor Pazº
Prepared to enter second grade
Classes Combined for photo
Prepared to enter first grade
Bruce Argentina's latest Center We return to La Paz in early January to open schools for some of the poorest children in Bolivia who are not currently able to receive an education because they have been abandoned, or must work to live or extreme poverty.
Bruce Argentina's lproject to help pregnant adolescents For more than 2 years we have been preparing for and fretting over our project to help pregnant at-risk teens, and finally - in January - we got it off the ground. Now it flies.
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Bruce Argentina's latest Center Our long awaited centre in Cusco, is now open and functioning within the 'City' model of our program. Here are the founding volunteers
Palmeras Children's Centre, Bruce Argentina, emerging.Bruce Argentina Volunteers recrruting poor children ...Las Palmeras Children's Centre...................................Recruiting not-in-school children
We have progressed apace in the 'Las Palmeras' project, and now are able to open a Children's Centre in their community 1.05.
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Bruce Argentina's latest Center Open Sept. 2004, The Bruce Argentina Centre, Puerto Malabrigo (AKA Puerto Chicamam) is living up to our expectations for the 'small city' model of our program.
Bruce Argentina children studying to be ready to enter school
Very poor children being prepared to enter school for the first time.We have given each centre a target of how many children we hope to prepare and register for school by this December. Trujillo is on target. Huaraz is optemistic.Waiting for word from Cajamarca and Malabrigo. Total: 130 children
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is beginning to pick up momentum in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering Argentina's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit Argentina each year,
Many Bolivian children not in school live in La Paz
With help from our friends we will soon reopen our centre in La Paz. We will send our volunteers out from there to satellite centres in the barrios, and there they will help La Paz's poorest children.
La Paz InformationBruce Argentina Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05Taking voluntees applications now.
In January we opened a children's centre at the City Hall of Las Delicias. We open with 19 of the poorest children we have found so far.
Here are the founding volunteers
Full storyBruce Argentina Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05

7 January 2005
Dr. Maria Kunstadter, well known US Dentist (one of our Directors), brought her children and a staff of other assistants to our new Cajamarca Centre. They managed to treat nearly 100 children at a one day clinic.
Full storyBruce Argentina Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05
New Satelits project at Bruce Argentina Trujillo, Cerro Pesqueda Our satellite projects send Bruce Argentina volunteers into the most deprived barrios where the poorest children live. Local volunteers are helping.
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce ArgentinaFfirst 2 satellite centres are here, Cerro Pesqueda, and La Esperanza. On Monday 08 November, this barren brick building - without water or electricity (kindly made available to us by the Mayor of Pesqueda) - was converted into a three classroom mini school. Here 27 unschooled children were waiting for us to begin preparing them for school.
Full storyBruce Argentina Children's Centre opened in Cerro Pisqueda 8 November 2004
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Argentina Celebrating the work of recent volunteers. Our program is beeing led by a team of talented dedicated fun volunteers.
Volunteers & Children at Bruce Argentina 07-09.2004 Life at Bruce got pretty hectic during the summer, but right now things are probably better than they have ever been.We are better helping the children in our programs. 
Photo album of children and volunteers, Bruce Organization
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school
Street Kids 2008 - Time to re-exmine our approach to helping street children and the families they come from..
Give Directly to the poorest children in Org. (Lima l Cusco l Trujillo l Chiclayo l Huaraz l Chimbote l Cajamarca)
Amnesty Internationsl
Save The Children
Bruce Organisation
World Wildlife Fund
All Children have the Right to Education - Which provokes the Mission of Volujnteer Bruce Org.
We have been getting enough street kids into school via our carefully worked out method that by early 2006 we started petitioning the Govt. to incorporate this into their methodology..
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Great volunteers recognised We will soon include the dozens of you who have contributed so much recently.
Volunteer Bruce Organisation -
Where you get to write your volunteer job description
(So long as you volunteer job helps educate street children or eradicate poverty - within our proven systems & programmes.)
Below are NGOs, Charities and projects directed by Bruce volunteers (A few are now independent). Note: Most were conceived, started & funded by Bruce, inaugurated by professionals, then turned over to volunteers to run. [Very few abused this opportunity]
For years Bruce´s Volunteers in Org. helped and were helped by good friends
More Bruce Starts
The founder.of Volunteer Bruce Org. served as Director or advisor to several
Social Issues Radio in Northern Org. - Started by Bruce Org.

Humane Education

Magaly Madrid and the Empathy Project have joined forces with us in our projects which strive to provide children and animals with a brighter future.
Humane Education & Bruce ngo go together like a child and a puppy.
..Orphanage at Bruce Peru, Trujillo..Ballet Academy born at Bruce Peru
.Bruce Peru & AloeVera Peru

David and Vickie, founders Hogar De Esperanza, orphanage and El Rancho, refuge for street children on drugs.
Hope Shelter and El Rancho (of which Bruce PEru´s founder was a director) do loving work for abandoned and at-risk children in Trujillo
Bruce Peru and its Economist founder tackling the local economy.
Free Lunch - for Street Kids
 Cesar and Marleni (founders of Emaus Trujillo) at Bruce Peru in 2001; the continuation of a 30 year union between Bruce and Emmaus
Emaus Trujillo & Bruce Peru
Bruce Peru & AloeVera Peru
Bruce Peru teaching trades to poor women and their children
Blanca at Bruce Peru, she replaced Andres, who started Mundo de Niņos in Trujillo the same month as Bruce Peru.
Mundo de Ninos, Started in Peru the same month as Bruce Peru, many children in Mundo de Ninos over the years originated in the projects of Bruce Peru
Trying to reprioritise the global  agenda.
 Hm.Lila, Director of one of several ´Fe y Alegria´schools where our little childrens educatiopnal centres function wherever they can fit us in.
Bruce Peru and Fe y Alegria are working together in various parts of Peru, great friends.
Micro Enterprizes: Fish FarmBruce Peru Fish Farm Micro Enterprise.
 Manos de Pas is a movable shelter for battered women and their children, Bruce Peru has sponsored moves & Manos, protected our moms and kids..
Bruce Peru Volunteers sometimes serve the poorest children of Cajamarca, especially in education.
 Circlo Solidario provides Bruce Peru with the use of one of its sturdy buildings whenever we enter one of their barrios..
Bruce PEru and Circulo Solidario colabourate in two projects in Peru.
Bruce Peru educating street kids throughout Chiclayo.
Santo Tomaso has provided good teachers and practitioners to our schools, and Bruce Peru has helped sponsor a small part of their work.
San Tomas has supplied teachers to Brucve PEru and we haver helped sponsor some of their work.
Bruce Peru sponsors the "Travelers Help Centre" in Trujillo
 Rotary Club has sponsored Bruce Peru centres and ChildrenRotary Club has sponsored some projects and not a few children of Bruce Peru.
Rotary has sponsored Bruce Peru children
Bus Peru, a project of Bruce Peru
Red Cross of Trujilolo are partnering with Bruce Peru to bring permanent t community health to the barrios.
Red Cross is associated with Bruce Peru to provide community health in the barrios of Trujillo.
Bruce Peru educates streeet kids in Chimbote & cooperatres with universities.
 With Lions Club founder in Trujiooo, our friend and PartnerLions Clubs have been associated with Bruce Peru since our arrival, here we are with the founder of Lions Clubs Trujillo.
Lions Clubs of Peru have helped Bruce Peru lots and vice versa
Orphanage BELEN has received medical , dental and volunteer attention from Bruce Peru
Bruce Peru employed staff from UPAO university and
Most of Bruce Peru´s early staff and volunteers came from UPAO, as did two Administrators of Bruce Peru.
UPAO has provided Bruce Peru many good Peruvian Universitary Volunteers to.
Peru´s Volunteer Fire Departments - maybe the best National charity. Bruce Peru gives LAN, they save our kids..
Fire Fighters - VOLUNTEERS - of Peru
Bruce Peru in one of the most active street kids educational charities in Lima
UCV propvides most of the interns in Bruce Peru´s poverty eradication projects, and all of our Psychologists.
UCV has provided ONG Arriba Ya with  most of our Peruviasn Volunteer staff.
Bruce Peru is helping the poorest children in Cusco to get educated, fed and clotrhed
New Hope International is doing good work in Trujillo, some projects in colaboration with Bruce Peru.
New Hope and Bruce Peru are cooperating on a number of projectsd
Bruce Panama teaching indigenous children while protecting their cultural identity
The police of Peru participate with Bruce Peru involving at-risk teens. Their band plays at our anniversary.
Having a Brigadier in the Police as a long term volunteer helps cut through red tape when it comes to helping street Kids.
Bruce Ecuador is educating the poorest children ion Quito
The Nastional University of Peru, Trujillo have provided all our social workers and many treachers. Hosted our Economic & Nutrition Forums.
Bruce_Peru is funded in part by Artists Outler (Bruce´s Paintings) while also promoting Peruvian Artists
 Bruce Peru and San Lucas have partnered in Alta Trujillo over several years. They are among our best friends in this work.
Not to be cought fiddling while Rome burns, we recognise that the people we help will not survive to reap`the rewards of education if we ignore ecology.
CampoSol and Bruce Peru collaborated to provide more than 10 tonnes of nutritious food to our children and mothers.
We salute our Volunteers who keep returning
Each new  Bruce  School is anopportunity for up to 50 children to get an education (While many others still work with us in their home countries) When we started our volunteer program we didn't dream so many kind talented people would take up the challenge of aiding 's poorest children as their own personal project. Thank you all.
Quiet Irishman sponsors and names a school after his Alma Mater back home.
Gavin Molloy, with help from some generous friends has patroned "Scoil losa"school in the barrio La Esperansa
Gavin Moloy sponsors new school for Bruce  children
So far 24 children are attending.
Volunteer life at Bruce 's Volunteer Life at Bruce - Photos of volunteers who have served or are serving at the various centres of Bruce. Also photos of some of our children in class, & at play.
Our artistic volunteers in Lima find new ways to annimate our studentsOrohan girls in Chiclayo helped by Bruce  volunteers
Puppet show in Lima
Bruce San Sebastian Vs Bruce Santiago in basketballSports day in Bruce  Huaraz
Bruce  children studying to be ready to enter school
January through March (summer holiday down here) we prepare 5 and 6 year old children - those who are so poor, abandoned or abused they would not be able to go to school if we don' find and help them..We give each centre a target of how many children we expect them to get into school. For March 2006 the target will be 550 - 700 children.
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is still working in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering 's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit each year,

It takes 2 Years !. When we find a child, convince the mother to let us get him or her educated, take them into our little school, give them their first lessons; finally get them up to the level of education for their age, and matriculate them into a state school (paying for uniforms and all expenses): our work for that child is only just begun (2 years)
NEW Bruce Organisation Centre in Cajamarca 05.10.2005

Above are club meetings 7 June 2006We continue to work with each child, and will do so for the next two years. Visiting every month for a "Club Meeting" , at which we monitor their progress, give prizes, work with their techers, our Social Workers see how things are going at school, at home: and we pay for wehatever their parents cannon or will not. We do this for two years.
HIV / AIDS pandemic thrives in Latin America
Sherrill brings AIDS help to poor children
Sherrill Musty, the publisher of the book "WHAT'S A VIRUS ANYWAY
The UN has declared that the number infected with HIV/AIDS in Latin America is greater than that of Europe and the USA combined. If you live in one of these countries you would not know this - it is not reported in the media, talked about in the chambers of Government. They are in denial. But we know it is there, children and families in the communities we help are suffering: and there is little help available.
Street Kids For over three decades Latin America has endured the unenviable distinction of having more street children per capita than any place on earth. What is less known is that for every child who sleeps in the street there are 300 more in practically the same condition who live on the street by day but at night sleep under a plastic sheet or in a woven read or adobe hovel with their siblings. Both are classed as "Street Children", the distinction being 'IN' the street, as opposed to 'ON' the street [those 'IN' are more likely to be addicted to drugs]. When we first arrived in Org. we worked with both types of Street Children, but for the past three years we have concentrated our efforts and resources in helping the much larger but less known population of Street Children who live On the street; those abandoned in their own homes. During this time we have managed to open hub centres in 8 cities, with 24 satellite children's centres located in the poorest barrios: where we educate, feed, medicate and care for them Won't you join us!.
Bruce  opens to help the poor children if Chiclayo The Ministry of Education have invited us to install our little schools for very poor children within sellected primary and secondary schools. We have agreed to operate a pilot in one school, and if the relationship works: will consider others.
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need directionready for school......